Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

I did the Boeing 737 60-minute option. My instructor for the day was Gavin (Experienced Navy F-18 Pilot). Let me start off by saying he was absolutely phenomenal and professional. He is filled with aviation knowledge and experience. He projected his enthusiasm on me today and was very thorough about explaining everything. This was my first time in a flight simulator and Flightdeck blew my mind away. I highly recommend Flightdeck and Gavin for anyone interested in experiencing a flight simulator.


The Boeing 737

Experience the excitement of flying a huge, powerful jet airliner with friendly, hands-on guidance from our experienced flight instructors in our Boeing 737 simulator.  Pilots and non-pilots welcome! In our 30 Minute Flight you will take-off, fly a short itinerary and land at your destination airport.  In our 60 Minute Package you will go through the pre-flight and start-up procedures and then proceed to fly a more complex flight plan. And in our 90 Minute Flight choose from thousands of airports from around the world and fly in a variety of weather conditions using both VFR and IFR with multiple take-offs and landings. Additional flight time up to 6 hours may be added at a pro-rated cost. This fix-base simulator is categorized as high fidelity – an exact replica of a Boeing 737-800 with a 180 degree wrap-around screen.

gold boeing 737 icon
33,000 ft

Normal Cruising Altitude

464 knots

Cruising Speed

124 ft 10 in


130 knots

Takeoff Speed

In Flight Entertainment

The Boeing 737


Minimum Age: 10   Minimum Height: 4’ 10”



This is our introductory package to let you feel what it’s like to fly a commercial jet in a short amount of time. After taking off and reaching altitude under the watchful eye of your instructor, you’ll  navigate and perform several turns and then vector in for final approach to the airport for a perfect landing!



Get a taste of the airline pilot life by flying a short route complete with flight plan such as taking off from LAX and following the coast to San Diego and fly the localizer approach over downtown. Or, live the island life with a flight from Honolulu to Kona in beautiful Hawaii.



Step into the life of an airline captain as you choose from one of our authentic sector flights. Fly the B-737 gate-to-gate, complete with the Standard Instrument Departure (SID), Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) and Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach and landing. LAX to Las Vegas or San Francisco are our most popular routes.


Gift Certificates Will Be Honored

Get the ultimate commercial pilot experience in one of our 120- minute flight options. Choose an authentic airline route, file your flight plan, complete startup and pre-takeoff checklist, taxi, take-off, fly the SID, STAR and ILS, land and taxi to the gate. And don’t forget to breathe. Countless routes and itineraries are possible around the globe.


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