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Aviation Camp is an exciting way for students to learn about aviation, the aerospace industry and real-world science via an immersive experience. Participants will spend four intensive days learning by doing – with time spent flying our single seat flight simulators and Boeing 737 flight simulator.


  • The physics and  science of flight – how airplanes fly and aerodynamics
  • Basic aerial navigation, weather theory and flight planning
  • The history of flight before the Wright brothers to now
  • The future of aviation with NASA, Space X, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and ?
  • Multiple sessions in our 8 single seat simulators and Boeing 737 simulator
  • Fly a scenario-based mission on the last day

AGES 11 -15

COST: $549

Aviation. Science. Aeronautics.

Our second camp was wheels up on August 7th & wheels down August 10th. The students executed the flight plan with great enthusiasm with many asking when is the next one.

With the positive feedback we’ve received from parents and students, we’ve begun planning a program to launch this fall that will be 2 or 3 consecutive Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. We’re considering offering an Aviator School, Astronaut School and Fighter Pilot School.

If there is any interest in either of these future programs, please email us via the button below.

Takeoff With Flightdeck

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